The Writer

    Bobby Pfeiffer writes nonfiction and moonlights as a community organizer. She is the author of two novellas, Don’t Borrow Trouble and Salvaged, the memoir The Anthology of Wasted Time, and a number of short stories and essays. 

    Formerly a police dispatcher, a Bulgarian, and a drum and bass DJ, Bobby Pfeiffer earned a degree in English Literature and Creative Writing from the University of Westminster at the tender age of twenty-nine. She followed her favorite first husband across the Atlantic, had two children, did portrait photography and, to varying degrees of success, continued her education in being a human person. Little did she know, this would entail not succumbing to cultural shock, postpartum depression, Covid, cancer, executive dysfunction, and spontaneous combustion upon witnessing the real-time collapse of democracy. Hence the frequent references to death (and other painfully ineffable things) in her narrative. 

    On the rare occasions Bobby isn’t grappling with questions such as “Why am I like this?!”, “What, precisely, is time?” and “How many more lanes must we add to a freeway before we are collectively forced to recognize the superiority of trains?” she enjoys watching documentaries, listening to hip hop, and vigorous yard work. 

    Bobby Pfeiffer lives in the idyllic Steinbeck Country with her family, three cats, five crows, and an assortment of local wildlife. She wants to fly in space when she grows up. Alternatively, she aspires to become really old. 


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