Family Portraits With a Twist

Last weekend I did a shoot for these guys at one of the Bay Area's wildlife parks.  I love how dynamic and fun the family photos turned out; I feel so much more liberated now that I shoot for pleasure again, and I think changing creative direction in my personal work is the best thing that could have happened to my professional style.  
P.S. After renting a 50mm, f/1.4 Nikon for this shoot (I wanted to keep it simple with a fixed lens) I am looking forward to upgrading my trusty little prime.  Good times!


Jocelyn and Kaylee, you are amazing!  Just.  Wow.  I had so much fun during our photoshoot, and I particularly enjoyed watching you run with all the glittery, bubbly, flowery props we had.  You know how I always say that youth is wasted on the young?  Definitely not the case with these two.  Thank you for letting me in your world and allowing me to capture it.  Just some of my (many) favorite images below:

A Little Preview

I don't only take pictures with my phone, as the last 300 posts might have led you to believe.  I also take pictures with an actual DSLR camera.  Here's a preview of my most recent art portrait shoot.  More coming up soon-ish.

Kids and Cats. What Else...?!

Oh, yes, you totally guessed it - I've been blogging all morning because I am sitting on the couch with a sick kid next to me and there isn't much I can do to make him feel better other than providing company and an endless supply of cartoons.  
The second picture was taking by my niece in Bulgaria; it's of my Mom and her cat, Fluffy.  JUST LOOK AT THIS PICTURE!!!  This is the picture of the century.  Just sayin'.


Just because we don't celebrate Easter, that doesn't mean we don't like to use any excuse to make something in our house - usually that something is a mess, but often we manage art, too.
John snapped a few shots of us coloring eggs last weekend.

After School Special

I took the kids to the local park the other day.  It was fun.

Silly Cowboy Superheroes

The boys had a Week of the Young Child at school, and went to a birthday party on the weekend, and here are some of the pictures: silly hair, cowboy outfits, and Hawaiian shirts for Tropical Day.  Can't we all dress up like this every week?!