Monday, November 28, 2016

Giving Thanks

I am morally conflicted about the mainstream Thanksgiving narrative and I think there's more about this holiday than (over)eating stuffed turkey and drinking (too much) with family, so - in light of the current situation at Standing Rock (and the treatment of Native Americans in general) - this year I have decided to just focus on the very concept of being thankful by appreciating my family and teaching my kids truthful history, no matter how difficult this might be to talk or hear about.

Photos from our trip to the mountain:


November Fragments

It has hit us again - the flu season!  We hadn't have a proper weekend or even a break in ten days and we are running on fumes, but December is near and I hope that decorating the house for the holidays and singing Christmas songs will get us right back on track.

New Ink

I got a new tattoo a couple of weeks ago.  It is of a humpback whale surrounded by hydrangea flower petals, and I wanted this design on my right upper arm for many months.  I love how it turned out, and I love what it represents: the majestic mystery of nature, and the memory of home.  We know very little about whales, but what we do know is astonishing - they are intelligent and sensitive creatures capable of love and sacrifice, so large yet so fragile, gentle giants who sing beautiful songs.  And hydrangeas are among my mother's favorite flowers.  She grows them in her garden in Lovech in big fluffy bunches in which I used to bury my face as a kid.

Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Children of the Sun

Just a couple of portraits of the boys.

Temple of the Dog Live

TOTD made a single album in 1991 as a tribute to Andy Wood, and aside of a few surprise performances, the have never properly toured as they were busy and dedicated to their respective bands - Pearl Jam and Soundgarden... until now.  John and I went to see them perform in San Francisco last weekend and it was a dream come true.  Eddie Vedder didn't show up and our seats were pretty far from the stage, which took away some of the intimacy I was hoping to experience, yet we had an amazing time.  TOTD played all the songs from the album, plus Seasons from the movie Singles soundtrack, Right Turn from Alice in Chains's SAP album, and a few Mother Love Bone covers.  I cried, I sang the lyrics until my throat hurt, and I felt a sense of great satisfaction.  Never have I believed that I would ever be able to see Temple in concert, not in a million years.

A few very grainy phone pictures from the gig: