Sunday, July 31, 2016

Art Deco

My new obsessions are the Boomerang and the Prizma apps.  One makes looped videos, and the other turns your photos into paintings.  


Glitter, Cookies, and Beer

On the sixth day of our summer vacation we had friends over.  Emma and Aaron are the cutest young couple I know and I love them!  The boys loved them, too.  They spilled glitter all over them, fed them cookies, and played tickle games.  Good, clean fun.

Cake Day

On the fifth day of our summer vacation we celebrated, and we celebrated hard.  The grandparents came over and we had cake in honor of John Sr's birthday and - a bit early - of Julian's second.  Shelby, of course, hid in the bathroom from all the racket, and the boys played with the new bike Baba Muoi gave to Julian.

Big Tech

On the fourth day of our summer vacation we took Johnny to visit his Daddy's office in the city.  Which was fun, but the playground outside of his office was even more fun.


Down By The Bay

On the third day of our summer vacation I took Johnny to Coyote Point Marina.  It was a brilliant morning and the weather was fantastic.  We looked at the boats, we waved at the low-flying airplanes, and we threw rocks in the water.