August 2020

August was insane.  We had a massive heatwave and the consequent wildfires, which forced us to evacuate and brought devastation and poor air quality.  The kids went back to school--online school, that is, and thank goodness for the YMCA.  Julian turned 6.  Johnny was formally diagnosed with ADHD and started medication.  Both boys are happy, healthy, and as wild as ever.  Chadwick Boseman passed away, Trump is still a lunatic, BLM continues to fight for change, and the pandemic is still very much here thanks to science deniers and generally stupid people.  We swam, played in Fort Pfeiffer (courtesy of Grandpa John), and adopted a third kitten named Midnight (courtesy of Johnny).  All in all, we are okay, just a bit shaken and exhausted from all the bizarre events this year.  Can you believe that it's almost October?  What I'm excited most about, of course, is November, when we will NOT celebrate Thanksgiving but we'll definitely VOTE.



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