After four and a half glorious years of sharing my photography here, it's time to wrap it up and move on to the next adventure -- writing.  In recent months I've been writing more and shooting less, and it's pretty great to be able to finally focus on my true calling (it's like a digital Marie Kondo-ing).  

You know that I love taking pictures, but photography has always been a hobby-turned-job and I did it as a substitute for writing during the time my kids were still too little/demanding to let me work.  It was simply the next best artistic thing to keep me sane.  

You can always find my daily life in images on Instagram (I'm especially excited to start posting from my iPhone 11 soon, and lots of film photos!) as I will continue to share as it all happens.  

And keep an eye on my writing page!  That's where I'll predominantly be from now on.

Thank you all for the amazing support (and business) and I'll see you online, or even better -- in real life soon enough.


~ Bobby


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