Post-Hiatus Notes

I haven't been writing or taking photos in the past three months, but I have been living life, and how!  

But the time is coming.  It's here, really, I just need to get through some of the backlog.  Like this:

You have your own piece of Heaven now.
Don't you dare fuck it up.

This game is not played for best time or most points.
Time will pass anyway.  Points mean very little when it's all over.
The game is about skill, and the joy of pulling off a cool move every once in awhile that makes you feel like a winner even if you lose.

We are fascinated with Superheroes because in their stories it is quite clear who's the good guy and who's evil.
In real life (or whatever) things are not as obvious.  We don't always figure people out, and if we do, they are neither good or bad, just people.  
And what are we supposed to do with that?!

There can never be true equality until the power is shared.

Neil Armstrong used to tell bad jokes about the Moon, and when no one laughed he's say, "Well, I guess you had to be there".


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