Mommy-Cation II

I needed a break from the mommy burnout so I went to Monterey and spent a weekend decompressing, recuperating, and thinking about stuff.  It was fantastic.  Everyone should take breaks before they actually need a break.  Mental health and all that...

Lots of interesting things happen when I am not too distracted by the kids to notice them.  Here are just a few I experienced while on my Mommycation:

*I stopped for a hitchhiker for the first time in my life but she was going in another direction so I didn't get to give her a ride.
*A guy at a restaurant told me that I looked like Lady Gaga.
*I ate dinner in bed at the hotel.  I spent LOTS of time in bed.
*I took a long, hot, candle-lit bath.  Twice.
*I walked 12 000 steps on each day of my stay in Monterey.  That's 10 000 more steps than my phone usually detects when I am at home, writing (or trying to write).
*There were sea lions and seals and otters.
*The weather was absolutely gorgeous.
*The boat masts in the wharf were decorated like Christmas trees.
*The ice skating rink was open.
*A homeless guy serenaded me with his guitar for a coffee.
*I sketched.
*I read.
*I listened to Led Zeppelin.
*I saw scuba divers and surfers and many, many doggies being walked by the coast.
*I enjoyed Cannery Row.  Someone had put a Santa hat on John Steinbeck.
*I had dinner by myself at a restaurant.  I left with two huge pieces of cake for dessert.
*I ate cake for breakfast.
*I put on a face mask and watched TV.
*Had time to think but I also didn't think, just felt and was present for a change.
*Went to bed at 8 pm and slept for 12 hours.


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