2018 Highlights

Wow.  What a year it has been!  Just phenomenal.  I am proud of us -- we worked hard and we played harder, and I am hopeful that 2019 will be just as productive, and even more fun.

Here are the highlights (with links):

The year began with a Supermoon!
We enjoyed one last fancy Atlassian Party.
We visited the SF Zoo and the San Diego Zoo.
John and I continued our weekly Date Night tradition.
We went to Hawaii for the first time.
John started at Helix.
Johnny and I participated in the nationwide school walkout against gun violence.
The boys had fun exploring all the great places the Bay Area had to offer.
Johnny turned 6!
I passed my citizenship test and became an American.
I turned 37 and test-drove a Tesla Model X.
We volunteered at and donated food to various cat shelters.
Julian and I spent time with farm animals.
John and I visited the San Mateo County Fair one last time.
Johnny and I spent time at the beach.
I did a few photoshoots for friends.
Julian turned 4 and had an awesome party with family.
John and I celebrated 10 years of marriage!
We had a great summer filled with games and animals.
I spent a month in Bulgaria.
We visited the grandparents at Tassajara.
Julian started Pre-K and Johnny started in First Grade!
I started swimming again.
I got a new tattoo.
Johnny lost yet another (his 6th!) baby tooth.
We played with cats and with Legos.
We went house hunting.
We found a house...
We bought a house!
We packed and said goodbye to the Bay Area and San Francisco.
We moved to Carmel Valley and embraced country life.
Johnny started at his new school.
We decorated the house.
We went to the beach and visited a pumpkin patch.
Julian started at his new Preschool.
We had a low-key but fun/spooky Halloween.
We took regular trips to Monterey.
We spent a lovely Thanksgiving with family.
Met even more goats! So many goats this year...
I took a break and spent a weekend alone to recuperate and relax.
The boys got excited for the Holidays.
John and I spent a weekend in San Francisco and enjoyed our first Holiday Party with Helix.
We celebrated Christmas at home with lots of good food and presents!

As it often happens in life, tragedy walks hand in hand with triumph, and we experienced hard times as well as good.  I lost my cousin Sonya to suicide in April and the grief has been difficult to deal with.  I suffered health issues and worried about the kids many times.  The challenges of raising boys and helping them grow never stop.  The political climate in the country (and worldwide) is still toxic and the news of wildfires and mass shootings, of the destruction of human rights continues to give me anxiety and sadness.  

I kicked butt this year, but next I must do even better.  I hope to practice more self-care and love, to maintain harmony with my children and to support them and guide them while understanding them and accepting them for who they really are.  I hope to continue to give back to the community and stay socially active and aware.  I hope to become stronger and more resilient, and to nurture and develop my creativity further.  Here's to 2019, and to all the amazing adventures awaiting!


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