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The smoke from the Camp Fire up North has been bad lately and we hope for rain soon to clear up the air again.  These were taken before the wildfires broke out.  My notes on the situation from a few days ago:

What strikes me the most when reading the reports on the California wildfires is how so many people keep saying that it’s getting worse each year, and that they’ve never seen fires ravaging the land so fast and with such force before. Many of those residents are wildfire veterans and have experienced evacuations many times before, but this is unprecedented. It’s almost unbearable to think about the lives lost, and the livelihood of people shattered. Homes destroyed, property damaged, livestock and pets left behind. 

Two words: extreme weather. This isn’t normal, and it shouldn’t happen. Wildfires are (for the most part) natural but their scale has been exacerbated by drought and rising temperatures, and there’s so much we can do about that. Certainly not thoughts and prayers, though. Voting politicians who don’t believe in climate change out of office and rethinking our environmental policies cannot wait.

Compared to the devastation up north (and down south), we are okay here. The fire hazard level in our area is very high but no active fires. The air quality is poor today — not nearly as bad as the Bay Area, but bad enough to realize how big the fire up north is if the smoke has reached us so far inland...


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