Bulgarian Summer: Home

Views from my family home.  This house, the yard, and the surrounding cliffs and river are, to me, the most beautiful place on Earth.  I feel safe and loved there, and I am free to be my best self.  It's hard to explain why.  Part of it is the gorgeous Balkan nature, another -- my grandparents' legacy.  I had a very, very happy childhood in Lovech (and some crazy wild teenage years).  But today the house is still a home thanks to my mom.  Everything she touches is better for it: the garden, the curtains, the decor; it's all immaculate and homey and smells like sunshine and soap (John said that the house now looks like a boutique hotel).  
My dad, too, makes our home better.  He fixes things and makes furniture, and he supports my mom in her lifelong dream to live away from the big city and move back to the house her father built.  It's such a relief and joy to see my family doing well, working together, and getting along.  

This summer we got a lot done, the best part being the gas heating system that will keep us warm whenever we decide to visit in the winter.


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