A Weekend in San Diego

John had a work trip to San Diego last week and I tagged along for a short getaway and a visit to the Zoo.  

This experience was one for the books.  My flight got cancelled and I had to be creative, so I managed to get upgraded to a First Class flight to L.A., where John picked me up and drove me to the hotel... at 3 am.  We stayed in Little Italy -- a festive place, especially on weekends, when there's a Farmer's Market.  And the Zoo visit was just amazing!  I got to see the Animals in Action program and I met a cheetah (who has a dog friend), a clouded leopard, fed flamingoes and a rhino, and petted a cuscus.  

We also took a walk to the Harbor and ate pizza in bed and enjoyed every minute together, especially on Father's Day, because John is the Best Daddy Ever!  


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