One Down, Eleven To Go

January went well despite all the craziness that's happening around the world, and I pushed through the whole Blue Monday/Hibernation syndrome that inevitably comes after the excitement of the Holidays and the freshness of the New Year.  I started by taking walks in the neighborhood every chance I got, then graduated to jogging.  I bought a bunch of paperbacks from the thrift store and I am reading again.  We go on date nights every week.  We keep up with the kids.  Doesn't seem like a big deal, but just a year ago I used to struggle to put pants on and leave the house, so in my book I'm totally killing it.  Having friends over on weekends helps a lot, too, and watching all these Oscar nominated movies is fun.  The best part?  We're going on a REAL vacation soon, and fingers crossed everyone is healthy and all goes well, I plan on counting this as my best achievement for the year.  

Relaxing and putting yourself first has been impossible in the past six years.  But we're getting there!


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