Maui, part 3

Our second day in Maui was pretty fantastic.  We ate local food, went to the beach, walked around, and went to the beach again.

The good:

80 degree ocean water in February.

Only two seasons: summer and whale.

Humid air.  So good for my hair!

This doesn't make sense, but Maui reminded me of Bulgaria.  A lot. 

People in real life using the proverbial thumb-and-pinky hand gesture to thank others for letting them through in traffic.

Chickens! Roosters and chickens everywhere.


Reggae music.  And retro rock.

Mexican-Asian fusion food.  

Chill, nice people.

The bad:

Lyft drivers running red lights (too chill?!).

Random woman saying “all Chinese people drive like this” after witnessing a fender-bender.

An Uber driver using the expression “of the same persuasion” referring to gay people.  As in "Oh, Little Beach is great, it's a nude beach and fancied by those of the same persuasion, if you know what I mean." Wink, wink, nudge, nudge. 

Not nearly enough solar panels. Tsk-tsk.

And the absolute wonderful:

A white bird standing on the back of a black cow grazing in the jungle.


Sea Turtleies sleeping on the beach, using rocks as pillows.

Doves and songbirds waking us up in the morning.

Whales.  Did I mention whales already?

Sea Turtleies.  OMG.

The second video of our adventure is here.


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