Be Mine

Valentine's Day is coming tomorrow, and I already made about a million valentines for the kids' schoolmates, so I am kind of out of romantic gestures.  

Just kidding!  John and I have been married for ten years and I can honestly say this is the best time to be romantic.  We celebrate our engagement anniversary on V-day, and we are giving each other all sorts of nice things -- a bag of goodies, a trip to an exotic location, and most importantly, the attention and affection we both deserve.  And boy, we do deserve it!  After two kids, building a home, and supporting each other through personal and professional challenges, we have discovered that we are still perfect for each other.  

So perfect, in fact, that we don't get upset at one another for being on our phones during date night, or for asking for posed pictures in the middle of a busy restaurant/street.


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