Sydney By Day

Last weekend I joined John on his work trip to Sydney, and we celebrated his birthday in the most amazing way - we explored the city, visited the beach, tried local food, and took long naps in the hotel room to battle the jet lag.  It was a fantastic experience, given that I've never been to Australia before, and it all felt new and different and exciting.  

Down Under has gorgeous nature and a very interesting mix of cultures - they drive on the "wrong" side of the road like in Britain but their currency is called dollars; they speak English but it's an English unlike any; they have wildlife and vast deserts but also cities full of high-rises and technology; and it was such a privilege to get to know a bit of their reality in the short time I spent there.

Here is the first batch of photos I took: the Sydney Opera House on an early Sunday morning, before all the tourists took over the place.


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