Independence Day Weekend

Our family had a difficult time last week, but we got through it together and we managed to enjoy a nice 4th of July weekend in the mountain with the Grandparents.  

What I want to say in this post is that things can look amazing through the lens and still feel very hard in real life.  Chasing light is a sort of a sweet revenge for also chasing after unruly children and being tired all the time.  It is my consolation prize in moments of insecurity and sadness.  Because I will be damned if I let the hard and sad moments define me!  I might go down trying to do this thing called life, but I'll go down beautifully because I am an artist, this is America, and freedom of choice is the highest reward.

I also want to say that I love my family more than I am often able to show, despite that they drive me nuts, exhaust me, and scare me to death sometimes.  I love my genius children, my handsome husband, my lovely sister and niece, my sweet parents and my amazing in-laws, my goofy dogs, and my fuzzy guys are the true light of my life!


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