Will Misbehave For Ice Cream

Last weekend we went for a walk - nothing fancy, just a stroll down to the Village.  The boys love walking, but what they love more is running, more specifically running away from us, because there's always something more interesting to see somewhere else, like cute dogs and limousines and library walkways.  Childhood is so simple and carefree for kids only because the parents are working their behinds off to keep them safe and alive, so what's a little adventure for children becomes a huge undertaking for moms and dads...including eating ice cream, which seems fun until you spent fifteen long minutes trying to prevent the monsters from putting chocolate fudge in their hair, the floor, or on strangers.

Anyhow, we are still waiting for the weather to warm up here in the Bay Area.  And with America leaving the Paris Climate Agreement, we might wait a long time.  Hopefully the boys will grow big, strong, and smart from all the ice cream and running around, and will fix our mistakes when their time comes.


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