Climate change means that the weather is getting more extreme (as an attempt by Nature to level the playing field which was disbalanced as a result of human activity), so even in Paradise-like places like Northern California things are getting weird.  We drive hybrid and electric cars, we use solar panels, we recycle religiously, and we keep it local and sustainable, but the damage we've done in the past and catching up to everyone.  If you think it's bad that one week, in June, it's 60 degrees and the next it jumps to 90, then imagine how Island countries are dealing with floods, storms, and loss of vital resources like sea food that's been chased away or killed by industrial over-fishing and the warming of the ocean currents.  You and I, we can go to the beach and cool down.  People in other places face month-long draughts.  Privilege is something to be aware of and never to be taken for granted.

We are currently experiencing an early summer heatwave here in the Bay Area which followed after a strange torrent-filled spring.  Here are some casual photos from our trip to Half Moon Bay this past weekend, which I spent looking at the Pacific and praying to a god I don't believe in that my kids will live to see its beauty despite the criminal and catastrophic damage the current administration is doing to the Environment.  


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