Venus Vibes

I recently did a shoot with this here gorgeous young woman.  Her name is Giana and she is a local hair stylist, and apparently, a part-time model.  It was a lot of fun and I am loving the results!  These art photography sessions have been really helpful; I am slowly learning how to give directions about body language (especially about what the model to do with their hands), and I am becoming much more confident while working with people - not my strong suit in general, hence why I prefer to write by myself than to pursue some collaborative profession.  

At any rate, I start off with casual and candid shots and work my way to breaking things up a little and trying out different motions and poses.  I still don't have much to "say" with these photos; I just capture my subject the way I see them and I let their eyes and smiles do the talking.  But still, the practice is great for my technical skills, which hopefully are refining.  

For my next photoshoot I really want to try something more edgy and extreme, a boudoir session or even nudes.  I want to present the female spirit in a beautiful but strong way, to show the versatility of women, their power to be whatever they want without the constrictions of social expectations.  I also want to shoot more low-light, indoor images, and black and white. 

Giana, for your viewing pleasure:


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