May: Fragments

May is a good month, but also a tough one... And the moral of the story is, do what makes you happy.  Life is too short to wait for a better time.  Rock stars die, people go out of their way to make the world a scary and unsafe place, and we have a small-handed cretin for a president.  Don't wallow in sadness; bask in joy, because if you count on others to make your life worthwhile, you'll be disappointed.  

I am taking my own advice, and even though the Bay Area can't make up its mind about the weather, and despite that housing prices remain insanely high, and no matter that I'm still dealing with health issues and am overwhelmed by daily chores, I love my life and my family and my home.  And by home I mean the house I make in my heart - for all the art and ideas I have.  

2017 is proving even crappier than 2016 in global sense, but personally it is shaping to be my personal best.  With my pending citizenship interview and my new writing blog, I can't ask for more.  Well, maybe I can ask for a Tesla.  I always want a Tesla ;)    


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