Hakuna Matata

2017 is just a tough year for us, at least when it comes to health - we take turns getting sick, including John, who is usually the rock of the family, and by rock I mean stoically pretending that he's feeling okay even when he's definitely not feeling okay.

But if I know one thing about kids is that they really don't care if their noses are runny. They'll play and they'll go wild at any cost; they'll cough in your face and they'll have fun while doing it.  And we, the puny parents have to play along or bust.  Hakuna Matata, as they say.  

Besides, we're too busy to complain (I mean, we do complain but only for therapeutic purposes to relieve tension).  Johnny is about to lose his first tooth and we signed him up for Kindergarten; Julian is learning not to bite when he's upset; John is doing geeky and important tech-y John stuff (haha); and I am doing many more photoshoots than I had planned to (I can't help it!) while putting Johnny's 5th birthday party together and getting my citizenship application ready.  

You know, I take it back.  There's nothing really to complain about, we just need a little more sleep.  Like five years worth of sleep...

A collection of images* from my phone from the past couple of weeks:

* Not my Tesla.  Unfortunately.


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