March Madness

You'd think that once the weather warmed up and the rain (sort of) stopped sickness and spring fatigue would go away, but think again.  Nothing is ever predictable when you have toddlers for roommates.  They bring all the germs from school and they don't care if you have a sore throat or not.  So we push through and we try to enjoy it all no matter how crappy we feel, even if it means staying indoors every weekend and binge-watching cartoons on the couch.  I guess we should be used to it by now - it's been five years since the first kid - but I guess hope dies last.  It's a dangerous thing, hope... 

Speaking of which, I truly hope all of my dear fiends in London are well and safe.  When one puts things in perspective, compared to what's happening out there in the "real world", staying home and watching cartoons doesn't seem so bad.


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