Beauty and The Beasties

The kids are alright.  Johnny can write now, and Julian has learned to say the F word (which we don't encourage even though we find so very funny).  I quit smoking and am in the process of finally getting my citizenship.  Shelby still has fleas and I've banished her from her daily visits to the back yard, and I'm spraying and cleaning the house every other day, which doesn't benefit my OCD much but oh well.  I redecorated the house and came up with half a dozen ways to make our regular indoor weekends something not just the boys but I'd also enjoy - proof of that can be seen in the videos I now regularly make.  John has decided to shave his beard (stay tuned for before/after makeover photos) and I have new writing ideas (stay tuned for a link to the updated writing blog).  And how has your March been so far? I hope you all are doing well and staying weird!


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