It's The Most Wonderful Time Of The Year

It's the middle of December already and the new year is nigh! I have been feeling pretty overwhelmed in the past two weeks, but it's a good kind of busy - decorating the house and marveling the Christmas lights, wrapping presents, attending the school holiday show, mailing greeting cards, getting my braces off, familiarizing myself with my new laptop (blogging from a Mac right now and boy, am I excited about editing photos with this baby!), and doing the last photoshoots for 2016.  

Of course, not all has been good fun these days.  The boys are perpetually sick again and, by California standards, it is cold! But life is wonderful regardless, and I am pumped to start my new projects in 2017, namely writing daily, doing photography for art's sake, and continuing to improve myself as a woman, creative person, and a mother.  Can you believe that Johnny will attend kindergarten next year?!  He will be five in April and probably taller than me (haha). And lest not forget that I'll also work to get my American citizenship.  I simply can't bear another presidential election if I can't exercise my vote...

2016 highlights coming up in the next post.

I hope you have a great week, peeps!


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