Back in Steinbeck Country

These are the most earnest and organic photos I have taken in a while, which makes me proud and gives even more conviction to my new year's resolution to worry less and only if necessary.

People often think that being happy is something they can somehow plan, execute, and savor, but they are wrong. Being happy as a state of existence is an abstract, a generalization and therefore hardly achievable simply because the human condition is much more emotionally nuanced and complex. Feeling happy, on the other hand, as an act and in a particular moment, is the real reward - feeling content and confident and present, feeling curious and inspired - that is exactly the version of happiness I am aiming for. That is what I call true success.

Nikon 24mm f/3.5 Tilt-Shift - Manual Focus 
Nikon D7100
Lightroom + VSCO Film
MacBook Pro


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