2016 Highlights

2016 has been a train-wreck of a year for many reasons, but it was also a personal best for me. 

(Some) Highlights:

Julian started preschool.
Johnny did soccer and martial arts.
I went back to Bulgaria to see my family.
I visited Seattle.
I added to my tattoo sleeve.
I saw two favorite bands life in concert - Prophets of Rage and Temple of the Dog.
My photography business expanded thanks to friends and family recommendations. 
I was fortunate to be able to do charity work and give back to my community in the form of donations and pro-bono photoshoots.
I finished my orthodontic treatment.
John and I reinstated date night!
I started writing again!

...And most importantly I did all those things with my favorite people.

Special thanks are in order to the AMAZING teachers at the boys' preschool, and to Marie, our loving, caring, and super cool babysitter.  

Also, my Shelbycat is more cuddly and sweet than ever.

Thanks, peeps, for visiting and reading! Let's all have an even better 2017!


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