The Way There/Sofia

The last time I was in my home city of Sofia was three years ago and it was fun, but this visit was hands down the best I ever had, probably because it was short, sweet, and shared with my sister Silvia.  I spent two days there.  The first day I got together with my family, and on the second Silvia and I walked around downtown like a couple of regular tourists.  We saw the sights, we took photos, we had lunch and cocktails, and it was amazing!  There were no stray dogs (which was a relief so I didn't even want to think about exactly how did they go away), the streets were clean, everyone was at the seaside or on vacation somewhere so the traffic was light; it was hot and green, and the city looked beautiful.  Old places I remember were pretty much the same, but there were so many new things - stores, buildings, restaurants and cafes, and it all seemed in better shape than ever, remodeled and repaved and equipped with modern European signs and lights.  I love Sofia!  I hope you do, too.


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