California Knows How To Party

I have been to many kids' birthday parties but this one was the very best for the following reasons (in no particular order):

2. Chickens.
3. A Tiki Bar in the back yard.
4. Mimosas.
5. A bouncy castle in the front yard.
6. Good looking guests.  Seriously, Danna, where do you find those pretty people?!
7. Mexican food. Filipino food.  Macarons. Homemade pastry. Sushi. Gained 10 pounds in an hour but who cares.
8. Cake with chewy caramel bits in the middle cream filling.  Oh god!
9. Hip hop music and Janet Jackson hits.
10. Bespoke decorations including a sign that says Hello in 20 languages, including Bulgarian.

The bar has been raised too high.  I can't even:



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