July: Fragments

There's something wrong with Blogger.  Suddenly, ALL the images in ALL the posts are aligned left even though I clearly centered them, and that throws off the ENTIRE layout of my blog, even though I haven't changes the template whatsoever.  I really must migrate to WordPress or something, because Google's free platforms are the worst.  Nobody improves them the way they do with profitable applications and nobody cares.  I am so mad right now.

But if you can get past the way it all looks, here are some shots from the last few days.  

Most notable being this photo of Costco's parking lot.  Now, what are the odds to see not one but two gorgeous red Teslas casually parked next to each other?  Turns out, here in the Bay Area the chances are high.  I believe they now they give luxury electric cars out to everyone who moves here as a bonus.  Everyone except me....


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