Boy Oh Boy

Johnny is on vacation from school before he starts Pre-K and I am happy to spend time with him and catch up on whatever is happening in this precarious little head of his.  Boys are weird.  They love fire and monster trucks and kung fu, but they are also overwhelmingly sensitive and impressionable.  

I am enjoying this age quite a lot.  It has its challenges and Johnny definitely gives me a run for my money, but it's also sweet and hilarious.  He talks in rhymes ("If you see a bump you must jump!"), he sings all the time, he hops and skips when he walks, he builds as many things as he destroys, and  barring the usual harmless bickering, he's getting better and better at being a Big Brother.  Good times!

We have a plethora of fun stuff planned for this vacation week - first time at the movies, visiting Daddy's office, hanging out at the beach, celebrating Grandpa's birthday, and just being together.  I am leaving for Bulgaria soon and I will miss him like hell.



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