Art is Life

I've been waiting for this moment for four years.  

The only plans I dared to make until now were all related to the kids - have the kids, raise the kids,  recover from having the kids, send the kids to school.  Everything else was on pause.  It was physically impossible and emotionally draining to find time and energy to write and create, and I made a conscious decision to wait.  I dedicated all resources to my family from the day I got pregnant with Johnny till this week, which is the final week before Julian starts preschool full time.  I was overwhelmed and I went through a great transformation, but I was also fully aware that I was working hard to build something good.  And now the kids are bigger, I am stronger, things are going well, and I am ready.  When I return from my trip in Bulgaria next month I am going back to writing.  Fuck yeah.

Other things I want to try and experience include:

* Whale watching.
* Learn to do cartwheels.
* Visiting some/all of the following places: NYC, Peru, Cuba, New Orleans, Africa, Hawaii.
* See the Northern Lights.
* Finish my tattoo sleeve.
* Learn to swim better.
* Improve public speaking skills.
* Get a Hasselblad camera.
* Buy a Tesla.
* Go to a hip-hop dance class.
* Renew vows on 10th wedding anniversary.

In the meantime, I still wear leggings as pants and I talk to my cat as if she understands me, and I still binge-watch old movies (Frida and The House of Spirits) when I feel too tired to do anything after a weekend of hanging out with the boys.  Because life can be perfectly ordinary and still a state of the art at the same time.  

You just have to want it to be.



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