Always Go

Kids need to climb trees.  They need to get messy.  Throw rocks in rivers.  Play with sticks.  Get sunburn.  Get sand in their shoes.  Dust on their clothes.  They need to chase lizards and pick flowers and find mushrooms and yell their heads off.  Kids.  Need. To.  Run.  Free. To our unmitigated horror, they need those things, and we are not to deny them.

I feel like suburban children often are isolated from nature, coddled by the comfort we've provided them and over-protected by all the technology and parenting techniques we think we must master.  But we are lucky that way.  Our suburbs are pretty wild.  We have large parks and creeks and hills and mountains and trails and beaches.  So now that we're on vacation we are taking a hike whenever we can.  The babies approve:


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