May in Photos

I can't believe how fast the month went by!  

At this age, in this stage of my life, I understand so much better what people always meant when they said "Enjoy the kids, they grow up quickly!" and "As you get older, each year feels shorter."  In May I had back to back shoots, numerous doctor's appointments, walks in the park, games in the back yard, an attempt to restart my writing routine, long-postponed meetings with friends, and even a lunch date with John, who's equally preoccupied at work and more stressed than I ever remember him.  

This month was marked by the theme of mental health - something I am faced with both personally and as an artist - and the upcoming trips to Seattle and Bulgaria will go a long way towards my general emotional and mental state.  You guessed it - I am back to (or still on) the conundrum of mixing motherhood and creativity.  It's the topic of the decade, it seems.  Or at least of the next two months, until Julian starts school full time in August and I am faced with another total and absolute reevaluation of my life and art. And in such cases there's no better tactic than to ask myself: What Would Zack De La Rocha do?

Until then, babies!


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