Strange Days

This past week was weird.  Everything was upside-down and out-of-sync, and I spent it scrambling from one crisis to another with very little productivity.  And I don't mean weird in a fun way, either.  On Monday and Tuesday I tried to rescue a neighbor's dog which turned out not needing rescuing.  Wednesday was so hot I couldn't peel myself off the floor all day.  On Thursday I took Johnny to the doctor because his cough just won't quit.  And Friday began with me being pulled over for a traffic stop (my very fist ticket, ugh) and ended with Johnny having a full-blown meltdown at school.  Nothing went as it was supposed to go, and I feel pathetic.  Bonus: I committed a cringe-worthy social foux pas, I ate too much carbs, and I had to postpone a meeting with a friend three times only to cancel altogether.  Can the new week come already, please?

Pretty please with a kitty on top.


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