Johnny's First Ever Soccer Game

This is one for the books.

Johnny joined his first soccer team, had his first practice, played his very first game...and scored the first goal in the first minute.  I am not even exaggerating.  It was nice to watch, but not in a way you could imagine - there were way too many kids on the field and too many parents running after them to guide them, and it was too bright, and generally confusing.  Johnny bumped his head into another boy's head, got tired quickly and eventually lost interest.  Tears were also present at some point.  But it was also such a rush to see him go after the ball and dribble and kick it into the net!  I felt proud and happy to be able to witness that.

This being said, I am not a great Soccer Mom material, which is a topic for another time.  Suffice to say that getting up early to prep for soccer isn't my first choice for spending my Sunday mornings. Ah, well.  It's all good :)

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