Giving Back: S

This past weekend I did a photoshoot for S, who lives with Cerebral Palsy.  She has an infectious smile and enjoys the wind in her face.  She has an older sister (who loves to hike), and a pair of caring, loving parents.  I spoke to them about what is the most challenging and most rewarding about having a child with Special Needs.  

"Emotionally, the challenge is to realize that things probably won't get easier in the future, as one might hope as their child grows up.  We find joy in her every achievement - as small as it might be, we appreciate it more.  Just like she learned to ride her bike all on her own last month."

Thank you, guys for opening up to me!  Parenting is hard, and I am grateful for being able to support you even a little by taking your portraits and spending a morning with you.

Photos from this session below.  If you have a child with Special Needs, or know someone who does, I would love to provide a free photo session, and a platform to express your thoughts and spread awareness here on the blog.


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