Easter Weekend

We spent last weekend at Tassajara with the Grandparents and we had a fantastic time.  I only brought my phone to take pictures with, which was ironic (see #1 below) but the views were so cool it didn't really matter.  Here are some of the key trip moments and thoughts:

1. After all the rain that fell down in the past few months, this part of California now looks like a different country - everything is surprisingly lush and green.  The parts affected by the forest fires are almost completely recovered, and there are wildflowers covering the hills.  I am used to see California dry, parched, and tinted in yellow, and this new image gave me major nostalgia for the fresh Bulgarian nature in the spring.

2. Duck eggs are huge and turn blue-ish when boiled.

3. Ducks don't seem to like being held.

4. Dogs won't listen to a large and intimidating male adult who is trying to train them, but they would  immediately submit to a toddler who runs towards them growling and pulls their tails.

5. Time goes by differently in the mountain.  Three days feel like five, and a normal eight-hour night of sleep feels like twelve.  We chased the kids around, hiked with the dogs, ate, napped, ate some more, went egg hunting, ate, napped with the dogs, ate... There was a lot of eating going on.

6.  So. Many. Stars.

7. It's so quiet in the mountain that you can literally hear your own heartbeat if you stop to listen.  You can also hear the buzz of the bees and mysterious cracking and snapping of twigs as small animals pass by in the forest.

8. I always have the most bizarre dreams when we spend the night at Tassajara.  I mean really wacky stuff.  Total weirdness.  But in a good way.

9. The barn John Sr built is amazing and now there's an enclosure for horses.  Coming soon...

10. Steinbeck's country rules.



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