When The Going Gets Tough

Okay, so if you have kids you'd know this (because you'd be driven half-insane by it) but I'd like to recap:  Aside of all the regular colds that are going around, in the past month or so most childcare centers and schools have become giant petri dishes breeding RSV with bronchitis, Strep Throat with Scarlet Fever, and a particularly nasty stomach bug.  I feel like we literally live at the doctor's office, and that the only thing I do lately is to carry a shit-ton of kids' paraphernalia around at all times.  That's my life now.  

Silver lining can be found in the fact that the PAMF offices are actually quite modern (as is the level of care they provide) and that I can snack on the kids' crackers and fruit gummies when they are not looking.  



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