Memory is creative and hindsight is nothing but 20/20.  

When I am in the middle of what I call "the grind", I feel like there will never be an end to changing diapers and waking up in the middle of the night to comfort sick kids, and my life seems like a perpetual damage control.  Caring for someone else is never easy, but it is also a test - the goal is not to pass, but to get through it while learning something of value and importance.  For me this something is remembering that in the midst of the grind there's also beauty.  Stolen moments of solitude.  The refreshing smell of spring after days and days spent indoors.  A short drive with no direction with the music on loud.  

No matter how busy or tired I am, I keep taking photos of the things I see and am drawn to - the light, the colors, the reflections.  I remain with my eyes open to the world and I welcome a life full of creativity and enlightenment.  It doesn't have to be a great epiphany, but it's not a mundane existence either.  So when I look back on those months and years in the baby bubble, in the grind, I feel happy.  Used up, older, achy and a bit fazed, but happy...because I have experienced the good along with the bad.  

Spring is here and it gives me such a rush, guys!  Hopefully everyone will stay healthy and I will have more time in the upcoming weeks for photo shoots, and for carrying out some cool photo projects!


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