Mirror, Mirror

We are still in survival mode (flu season continues), but when I get the urge to do something creative I simply have to do it, or I'll burst.  As the time passes those urges are getting more frequent, and that's good.  There were moments in the early stages of motherhood when I thought my days of art  and freedom are over.  That's the greatest paradox of having kids - you absolutely have to build a routine and follow a schedule and plan ahead and be practical to survive, but the same routine that saves you is also insanely mundane and dulling the senses.  The good news is that the early stages of motherhood eventually pass, and once the kids can form (fairly) logical sentences and can pull up their own pants, a new stage sets in.  Routine remains, but now you are older, wiser, and a better multitasker.  You are out of the haze.  The kids still drive you crazy, but you can easily ignore it.  You handle things.  It's not the end of the world.  And once you realize this, the ideas start pouring again.  Things shake up.

This weekend, in between naps, laundry, and painting Johnny's nails red, I took the boys out in the back yard, gave them a round mirror, and snapped some photos.  Now, this is not an original concept - people have been doing it for awhile - but it was fun.  I value fun in my art and in my work lots these days.  

My favorite must be the one of John's brilliant crotch.  

P.S. A warning: bright sunlight reflected straight into the lens can be blinding.  Apparent by the crazy flare/halo in the second image....


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