February Fragments

Spring is here, and everything looks a bit brighter! 

I am not shooting or writing as often as I would have liked, but hey ho, that's life.  In the meantime I bought tickets for my pilgrimage to Bulgaria this summer, I'm planning a joint birthday bash for Johnny and I this May, and I might even fit a mommy-cation in there - a weekend in Seattle to accompany John on a business trip in June.  Not too shabby, barring any kid sickness...Ugh.

February is going to be short and sweet, I can feel it, and the rest of the year might be tough but I intend to have as much fun as humanly possible.  It's the Year of the Monkey, after all :) Besides, Julian starts school full time in August and for the first time in over four years my time during the day will finally belong to me and me only.

A few random iPhone shots from the past days: 


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