Art and Life

I love taking all sorts of photos.  

I love street photography in the city with my zoom lens, capturing strangers and architecture.  I love  wide-angle landscapes and dramatic skies, sunsets and sunrises, the golden hour.  I love chasing light and making flares with my 50 mm.  I love taking portraits, shallow depth-of-field at a large aperture with a background filled with exquisite bokeh.  I love photographing still life.  I love taking black and white photos, with high contrast and strong highlights.  I love shooting minimalist images, or pale watercolor ones.  I love editing for hours, I love experimenting with techniques like tilt-shift and free-lensing.  I love snapping with my phone camera, because it is so easy and effortless and simple.  I love shooting film so much it's addictive, I love instant film and medium format and 35 mm, and waiting for the rolls to be developed.  I love it all!  

But most of all I love taking photos of people and things and places and events that mean something to me.  The photos don't have to be well composed or exposed, they could be grainy and unsound in composition as long as the subjects in them are on point.  

And by this I mean that I've managed to capture the proud smile on Johnny's face as he pushes the "customer in training" cart at the store.  Or Shelby's face that says "not again..." as the boys gather to bother her with their noisy games.  Or Julian's face as he's trying to blow on a dandelion while looking fatty and cute.  My family, my friends, the times we have together, the love we have for each other - the photos that I make which represent that are the photos I love taking the most.  There's no separation of art and life in my work.  It's all personal - maybe not award winning but precious as hell.


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