Goodbye 2015!

Last year was long, crazy, and tough, and I am proud of what we achieved, but I'm also welcoming the change and the start of a new chapter - hopefully one of calm maturity, good clean fun, and confident professional success.

The 2015 Highlights:

1. I shaved my head to challenge the standards of femininity and beauty.
2. I had a breast reduction surgery to help with my chronic back pain.
3. Johnny started preschool.
4. Julian started daycare.
5. I lost 25 pounds and got back to my pre-baby weight, and 10 pounds closer to my ideal weight.
6. I visited Las Vegas.
7. I started this photo portfolio.
8. I expanded my photo business.
9. I made an amazing new friend.
10. I overcame my fear of driving on the freeway.
11. John's company went public.
12. Had a great time with my family.


Greatest Hits