The Kids Are Alright

First off, I apologize for all the typos in this blog.  I promise I will start proofreading what I write one day...soon.  Until then, I usually go back and fix things within an hour of posting, but cut me some slack.  The only writing I have been doing lately is e-mails to my family and texting back and forth with my daycare provider.  Which is sad, but let's not get hung on what I can't have.  I will be a great writer eventually, but right now I am a great mother.

And a great mother does one thing well - accepting her kids the way they are, even if she doesn't like it.  Johnny is a delicate kid who gets sick a lot. A LOT.  I hate it but I can't do much about it.  We spent the past few weeks battling cold after cold, and I am frustrated beyond words but that's that.

We will get through it.  Together.  The kids will be alright.


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