Trick or Treat 2015

I'm from Bulgaria, and in Bulgaria we don't celebrate Halloween.  We celebrate a bunch of other weird things but my point is I've never gone trick or treating in my life.  Since we moved to the U.S. I gave out candy one year, but I haven't had the chance to dress up and go out to collect candy.  This year I didn't dress up either.  I had these elaborate costumes prepared - John was to be Stephen King and I was to go as Carrie - but the kids got sick over the weekend and I was too tired to put on a wig and smear myself with what would have appeared as pig blood.  But we went trick or treating, regardless.  I wore plain clothes, Johnny wore his pirate costume, and Julian and Daddy stayed home to rest.  

Johnny and I collected a ton of candy and we had fun.  Hope you guys had a good Halloween!


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