Superhero Problems

So the natural progression of the things little boys obsess with goes something like this: trucks, cars, firemen, policemen, building stuff, dinosaurs, Space, superheroes.  I had a conversation with a guy friend yesterday, who is also a father of two small boys, and he said that he's not sure anything comes after that.  Superheroes pretty much remain on the top of the list forever, regardless if the boy is two or thirty-two.  

Johnny is now a huge Spider-Man fan, much to my puzzlement - he's never seen Spider-Man cartoons or read the comic books.  But superheroes appeal to boys in a fundamental way.  They are strong, brave, and fair, just the way all little boys want to be.  Of course, we try to avoid falling in the gender-stereotype trap; Johnny also likes princesses and his favorite color is pink.  This didn't save him from getting in trouble at school, though.  He got so excited about fighting crime and catching bad guys in his webs that he was banned from wearing superhero clothes by the teachers.  That's Johnny for you, everything is in absolute terms with him...


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