Strange Days

It's an odd time for us.  

Julian is scheduled to start daycare next month so we are transitioning him to one nap and weaning him completely off the bottle (first step was successfully substituting formula with cow's milk a few months back).  He's into climbing stairs, following his big brother everywhere, saying "baby", "cracker", and "this", and running away from me when he sees something new outside.

Johnny is spelling random signs and labels, counting everything, and writing his name.  He still has trouble falling asleep at night and gets sick every other week, and sharing isn't his favorite thing but he's doing so many things on his own that I just dare not complain.

I am flying to Vegas this weekend to a friend's wedding, and have a bunch of photo shoots scheduled for the weeks to follow, and John is helping out all throughout this while being super busy at work and properly tired from waking up at night for the kids.

We are that close to getting a few days back in November, and even an extra hour of sleep thanks to daylight we must last another couple of weeks of intense parenting before we start feeling (relatively) human again.

The only thing that saves us from going nuts is how cute those two boys are.  Too cute for their own - and our - good.


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