Emma + Aaron

10/10/2015 Las Vegas, Nevada

This past weekend I attended the wedding party of two beautiful young people. I was a guest both as a friend and a photographer, and I enjoyed every minute of it.  Everything was awesome - the string lights, the cocktails, the 90's trippy music, and above all, Emma and Aaron's lovely family and cool friends - a bunch of unique and interesting people who were a real treat to meet and spend time with.

The bride was ethereal and exquisite.  Emma, you rocked the fresh face/barefoot look, and I enjoyed every single of your goofy picture faces. 

The groom was proud and dapper.  Aaron, you were a great host and that bow tie was the shit.

Most importantly, both lovebirds were chill and happy.  Congrats, guys!

I absolutely adore each and every portrait I took.  At some point I put priority on having fun over taking photos, so there aren't many of them, but I've rarely been happier with a shoot.  I think it's because no one was interested in posing and the images turned out as candid as the people.

Plus, man, that lens. The last time I rented the 24mm, f/1.4 Nikkor I fell in love with it and I just can't get enough.  It is the lens equivalent of myself, I think.  It seems thick, wide and heavy, but it produces the sharpest focus and the softest background, like, ever.

My personal favorite shots must be smiling Emma and the kiss.



  1. wonderful and stylish captures, Bobby... :)


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