My Entire Life Has Been a Lie

Well, not exactly - that's the writer in me exaggerating, but I do feel very betrayed by modern technology right now.  

You see, John brought home his spankin' new work laptop the other night.  It's a fancy, shiny thing: a MacBook.  I don't have any experience with Apple products outside of the iPhone, so I was curious.  Oh, blessed are the ignorant!  I tested it, typing this blog's address in Chrome (I like to judge a laptop by the way its keyboard sounds, there's something about the way the keys click that is very satisfactory) and as the page loaded, I was stunned to realize that things look...different.  Now, I was aware that Apple monitors are indeed different, but I didn't know exactly how much!  My entire portfolio appeared to be over-processed, darker, too contrast-y.  It was all off balance, as if I was editing on drugs or something.  

Needless to say, I am very upset right now.  Apologies to the world population that has seen my work on a Mac screen.  I swear, I am very good at what I do!  I just need to learn more about calibration, tone standards, and to rethink my entire photo-editing process.

Anyway, here are a few phone shots from the past few days. The last one is unedited, and I have a lemur on my head because I was annoyed by how slowly my hair is growing back.

Happy September, peeps!


  1. лол... :) така е, от монитор до монитор разликата е огромна... аз моите ги гледам само на монитора на лаптопа, където цветовете са бледи и измити, и на телефона, където цветовете са върхЪ, супер контрастни и топли и веднага се вижда къде какво куца ... като чета, то слава богу, че не съм си ги виждала на макбук лол :)

    снимката с крачетата ви е много сладка ♥


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