Life's Better On The Farm

This weekend we celebrated the 3rd birthday of one of Johnny's best friends from his old daycare.  Thanks, Vicky and Dan, for inviting us! The party happened at a farm near Half Moon Bay, and it was the most (kid oriented) fun we've had since the San Mateo Fair.  I particularly enjoyed the train ride and the haunted house.  You know, some people tell me to grow up, but I'm like, nah, I'd rather not.  So there you go.

These photos are minimally edited - no presets, no filters, no nothing.  I am testing a more casual, organic method of post-processing - I just converted the files to .jpeg, cropped at places, and sharpened for web.

Enjoy and happy long weekend, everyone! (the iPhone images from this adventure coming up)


  1. децата как искрено обичат животните, просто си личи, баткото на една от снимките с каква нежност само погалва животинките... :)


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