Happy Friday From Happy Hollow Park!

Today there was no school so John took a day off work to help out with the kids and celebrate his belated birthday.  We are still recovering from a cold and from Julian's contusion, and we are tired from looking for a daycare, but we have gotten quite crafty in making lemonade so we decided to take advantage of the good weather.  Happy Hollow Park&Zoo is 35 minutes away and is quiet on a weekday - the perfect getaway for people with kids...or for people who love animals.

We rode a mini-roller-coaster and a Dragon-train, we went down slides at the Crooked House, and we saw beautiful wildlife at the sanctuary.  It was beautiful, fun, and very picturesque.  

Enjoy and happy weekend, peeps!


  1. Ех, толкова са красиви Джони и Джулиан! Не мога да откъсна очи от тях! Да благословим децата и животните, които са гости в нашите семейства и да ги възпитаваме честно, с много любов и грижа, както пише един истински човек, като посочва прастарите веди.


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